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Ford Foundation Project

Remaking Development Models in China: Globalization, the State, and Regional Development

I. Objectives: To better understand the recent restructuring of the development models in China in general, and the Sunan and Wenzhou models in particular;

II.  Selected Publications:

  1. Yuan, F. Y.H.D. Wei, W. Chen, and Z.F. Jin. 2010. Industrial Agglomeration and New Firm Formation in Suzhou. Dili Xuebao. (In Press).

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  8. Wei, Y.H.D., Y.Q. Lu, and W. Chen. 2009. Globalizing Regional Development in Sunan, China: Does Suzhou Industrial Park Fit a Neo-Marshallian District Model? Regional Studies 43(3): 409-427.

III. Academic Conference: International Conference on Globalization, Innovation, and Urban-Regional Development (19-20 June, 2009, Shanghai)