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Canada's Globe and Mail referenced Zach Zimmer's book, Global Aging in the 21st Century in an article on The world's losing it's workers. How will we compete?

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Read about The Impact of Migration on the Family and Intergenerational Solidarity in Rural Cambodia funded by the Doha International Institute for Family Studies and Development. The research component of the project is investigating the extent of migration out of several rural villages in Northwest Cambodia as well as its impact on families and especially older adults left behind. The capacity building component involves the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia's Analyzing Development Issues (ADI) program that trains people in Cambodia in development-related research from conceptualization to implementation and policy development. cambodia

The Institute of Public & International Affairs (IPIA) expands and enhances the University's activities and programs in several interdisciplinary areas of excellence, including public policy, applied politics, international socio-political economics and cross-border security, government, and governance.